Mind Body fitness and pilates classes accept new students anytime. We can help you determine which package is best for you, depending on how often you want to come to class.

For more information give us a call at our Halifax studio: 902-405-5500, email info@iness.ca 

or register online

MindBody Package Prices

Drop-in: $20 +tax

*New Member Special

4 classes over two weeks for $39 + tax.


10 Class Pass: $160 +tax (two year expiry)

20 Class Pass: $280 +tax (two year expiry)

50 Class Pass: $650 +tax (two year expiry)


Monthly Package Options:

(number of classes will be averaged for the entire month so you can do more one week and less than next) 


Vitality Package: 2 classes/week

4 month contract: $100 +tax/month


Life Style Package: 3 classes/week

No Contract: $140 +tax

4 month contract: $130 +tax/month


Enthusiast Package: 6 classes/week

No Contract: $170 +tax

4 month contract: $160 +tax/month


There is an 8 hour cancellation window for all MindBody classes. No extensions. No refunds. Any classes that are cancelled due to inclement weather will be early cancelled. 

To register Call: 902-405-5500

or send us an Email: info@iness.ca

Studio Policies

*All sales are final. No refunds. No extensions. All classes must be attended before package expiry date. Packages are not transferable.

* Our Fitness Classes require a 24-hour cancellation notice in order to receive a make up class to be used before your package expires. Late cancellations will result in loss of the session.

* MONTHLY MEMBERS – you will be charged a $10 cancellation fee for each late cancelled class.

* NOTE: If no one is scheduled for a class 12 hours before the schedule class time, it will be cancelled. Please plan accordingly.

* INCLEMENT WEATHER: In the case of class cancellations due to inclement weather all students will be early cancelled from there classes. Classes can be made up in an alternate class before package expiration.


Register for these fitness classes on the FIRST or second class of the session. Each program meets once or twice a week over an 8-week time frame.

Click on a class name to learn more! 


Call: 902-405-5500, email info@iness.ca or register online

Package Prices

$139 + tax

$139 + tax

$139 + tax

$70 + tax

$129 + tax

$233 + tax

Aerial Silks (8 classes/8 weeks)   

Aerial Hoop (8 classes/8 weeks)  

Trapeze  (8 classes/8 weeks)

Intro to Rope (4 classes/4 weeks)

Level 1 Pole Fitness (8 classes/8 weeks)

Level 2+ Pole Fitness (16 classes/8 weeks)


Our children and youth programs specialize in Aerial Circus Arts as well as some ground acrobatics and include Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, acro and more.  Under the close supervision of our experienced instructors, they will develop a variety of skills building their physical strength while increasing their coordination and confidence. And, they'll have a crazy amount of fun doing it! 


At the end of the Spring term, they can show everything they've been working on at a student showcase for friends and family!