Michelle McIntyre

Simply put, Michelle is passionate about motivating people to achieve their fitness goals. Years of devotion to dance, health and fitness have led her to a career in personal training and pole fitness. As a health and fitness professional Michelle takes pride in inspiring others to change their lives in a balanced way. Her personal training programs are aimed at improving strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. They can be customized to fit all fitness levels from total beginner to advanced.


She also offers group fitness classes - once you try one, you’ll keep coming back! Her upbeat, warm energy is downright addicting. Michelle truly believes that fitness can be incorporated into everyone’s lifestyle – and that it can be the best part of your day. She loves pole fitness because it’s the ultimate combination of great strength training and way too much fun. Michelle is guided every day by her desire to teach her students new ways to challenge their minds, love their bodies, and achieve things they never thought were possible.

Classes with Michelle

Body Blast

Baby and Me