Alex Smith

Classes with Alex

Strength Foundations

Alex Smith has a background in dance, martial arts, aerials, acrobatics and balance work. Alex has been performing since 2010, co-producing award winning shows, and performing internationally and across Canada with various companies. Alex spent 8 years as a professional cook while spending every other waking hour training, travelling, dreaming and performing as much as possible. He now lives his dream as a professional performer, teacher and organizer in the circus world. Alex's career path is a testament to hard work, patience and passion, all of which he wants to share and encourage in every student. Finally making the switch to full time, while becoming certified as an Aerial Silks instructor in 2017 has finally freed up his time to continue to learn, explore and work towards greater things.

He has a well rounded understanding of the technical elements and performance elements of circus and body work gained from years of in industry experience. Let Alex's broad range of focus, and emphasis on fitness, exploration and body awareness bring you to your next level, whatever your specific goals are. Quirky sense of humor and Bruce Lee quotes are included free of charge with every class.

Alex believes in fitness and performance as a route to self knowledge, self confidence and self respect. He believes anyone willing to work hard and laugh at themselves a little should get the support they need to grow and flourish.

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