Youth Aerial Circus Program

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September 13th, 2021 

Youth Aerial Circus Program
$275+tax for 16 week term

*All classes are 16 weeks unless otherwise stated*

"I made new friends and that is so fun and the teachers are so nice! "


New Term Starts February 2022

This terms schedule

Level 1 Monkeys (5-6 yr)

Saturday, Sept. 18th @ 10am

Level 1 Aerial Silks (7-12 yr) 

Sunday, Sept. 19th @ 1045am

Saturday, Sept. 18th @ 11am 

Saturday, Sept. 18th @ 115pm 

Level 1 Aerial Hoop (7-12 yr) 

Tuesday, Sept. 14th @ 530pm 

Level 2 Aerial Silks&Sling (7-12 yr)

Thursdays, Sept 16th @ 530pm

Level 2-3 Aerial Silks (7-12 yr)

Saturday, Sept. 18th @ 11am 

Saturday, Sept. 18th @ 12pm 

Level 2-3 Aerial Hoop (7-12 yr)

Tuesday, Sept. 14th @ 415pm 

Level 1 Teen Aerial Silks (12-17 yr)

Saturday, Sept. 18th @ 230pm

Sundays, Sept. 19th @ 12pm

Level 2 Teen Aerial Silks (12-17 yr)

Saturday, Sept. 18th @ 12pm 

Tuesdays, September 15th @ 530pm 

Level 2 Teen Aerial Sling (12-17 yr)

Thursday, Sept. 16th @ 415pm - FULL

Youth Aerial Circus Program

10 week term (lemurs) - 30min class - $100+tax

16 week term  - 1 hour class - $275+tax

To register Call: 902-405-5500

or send us an Email:

1535 Dresden Row Suite 203

Halifax NS

This program specializes in learning Aerial Circus Arts as well as some ground acrobatics including Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, Aerial Sling and more.  Under the close supervision of our experienced instructors, they will develop towards harder and harder moves. 

Not only will they find greater confidence, coordination, and strength, but they'll have a crazy amount of fun doing it!

We will be offering a safe-walk from downtown schools to the studio for our weekday afternoon classes. Instructors will meet students at the school when school is out and walk them back to the studio for their 4:15 class.

Packages available for those who want to do safe-walks for every day of the 16 week sessions.

Circus Camp Policies - Find out about the program on the website

*The studio will be divided into a grid assigning each student there space to play in.

*Students and staff will be asked to clean there hands regularly and use hand sanitizer upon entering the studio.

* Proof of vaccination is required to attend Classes for those aged 12 and over beginning Oct. 4th, 2021

*Instructors and staff will disinfect all high touch areas, floors, and aerial equipment in between each class and at the end of each day.

*No bare feet in the studio.

*There will be a line up outside the studio with markers to maintain social distancing. 

*Students will be invited into the studio 

*Parents are not permitted in the studio.

*No physical contact will be permitted unless there is an emergency of some sort.

*If there is any spotting involved the coach will wear a mask and gloves.

*All of the Childs belongings will stay with them in there designated area for the camp.

*There will not be any sharing of  equipment.  

*All students will wash there hands upon arrival of the camp.

*There will be many markers all of the studio to depict social distancing and safety protocol.

*There will not be an end of term presentation or show. We will work on a video for you to see.

We promise this will be a FUN and AWESOME TIME despite all of these new rules :)