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Nocturne Halifax 
October 14th 
Free Aerial Performances from 6-10pm
1535 Dresden Row in the atrium and suite 203



“Memory dilutes, but the object remains unaltered.” 
― Aanchal Malhotra



How is it that a six-inch bronze statue of a stag, something so seemingly unspectacular, becomes a valuable object? When I hold it, I am transformed into a little girl again, sitting next to my Gampy on the front deck, drinking lemonade.


From objects to stories, heirlooms come in many forms, and they can transform us as well as transport us to previous moments in our lives; sometimes those times are jovial and at times they may be traumatic. Heirlooms are linked to both the past and the present, and one heirloom can carry many meanings and many stories.


In Heirlooms, inesS® circus harnesses their aerial skills to explore the various ways that objects and stories play a vital role in developing a sense of self. InesS is a troupe of professional performers who have been sharing stories in K’jipuktuk/Halifax since 2005.  They perform on aerial silks, sling, hoop, trapeze, pole and flying pole. inesS circus invites you to come and learn more about our heirlooms; perhaps, you may also be able tell us about yours?

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