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Joy Conrad

Joy has always enjoyed a physical challenge and sought new activities to inspire and motivate her.


Discovering Studio in Essence in 2009, Joy found her niche. Pole fitness combined fun, strength training, core fitness, flexibility and dance into a challenging sport. She gained strength in her upper body, improved her posture, her self-image and lost two clothing sizes. She realized that she wanted to share her love of pole fitness with others so they could experience the same transformation of mind, body and spirit and became a Certified Pole Fitness Instructor in 2011. Joy also became a Certified Aerial Hoop Instructor in 2015.


Joy, in partnership with Kyla Quinlan, another instructor at Studio In Essence, became a doubles team which won the Doubles Division in the Atlantic Pole Fitness Championship in 2012, the National Pole Fitness Championship in 2012, came in 9thplace at the International Pole Fitness Championships in London, UK in 2013 and won the East Coast Pole Fitness Championships in 2015.


Joy is a strong believer in having fun, in challenging oneself and in keeping the mind and body moving. The only limitations in what we can achieve are those we place on ourselves. Inspire your own mind and body by registering for one of her Pole classes today!

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