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inesS® Team Members


Leah Skerry

Leah Skerry is a Halifax and Montreal-based performing artist specializing in dance trapeze. Before making a move back to Halifax, Leah was training with Cirque du Soleil’s Swinging Trapeze coach, Victor Fomine - who nicknamed her “Leah (ne pas) Skerry".

Leah is a graduate of the Aloft Contemporary Circus in Chicago, where she performed in a 10-person troupe specializing in dance trapeze and dance juggling as well as Second City's improv. Before her delightful adventure to Chicago, Leah co-founded an education gaming company, Squiggle Park - Helping millions of children around the world learn to read.


Leah fell in love with performing arts in 2014 while building her company in Waterloo. Since then, she has performed theatrical circus acts and improv internationally and is currently developing an innovative circus show in collaboration with École nationale de Cirque. 




Trapeze Level 1. 530pm

Trapeze Int-Advanced 7-830pm


Aerial Silks (Int-Advanced) 1030-12pm

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