Express Fit Classes

40 minute lunch time Beginner Classes for 10 weeks!

***Only $100+tax Starts September 17th

Call (902) 405-5500 and sign-up today!

Pilates Body Express

Wednesday's @ 1205pm

Our new EXPRESS pilates body class is an amped-up class that combines resistance, lengthening, and strength training into a high-energy, music-fueled total body workout.

In this small group setting, your instructor will guide you on how to work your body properly from your core, in good form. Best way to rev up your metabolism and send you running back to work so you can be more productive.

Circus Fitness Express

Tuesdays @ 1205pm

Get fit on your lunch hour with Circus!

Our new FUN express circus class is only 40 minutes and will rev up your metabolism, burn calories, make you strong, and increase your productivity for the day.

Pole Fitness Express

Thursdays @ 1205pm

Build muscle tone, confidence and have fun while learning all you need to know to put together a fantastic pole dance routine.


1535 Dresden Row, Suite 203  

*2nd floor above Petes Fine Foods