Covid-19 Studio Policy & Prevention Practices


inesS® Studio is OPEN. All packages have been extended and resumed with respective classes.  You can also use your current package with our ZOOM classes. Or purchase a different package and connect with us ONLINE.

We love our students and we excited to be welcoming you back again – but we want everyone to stay safe, so we’re going to have to do things a bit differently right now.   To help answer your questions and get you prepared for your return, we are sharing our plan with you:


Physical Distancing Measures and General Updates:

  • Class sizes will be adjusted to ensure that 2m / 6ft distancing can be maintained. 

  • Class times will be staggered to ensure sufficient time for appropriate cleaning measures as well as to allow for students to vacate the premises prior to the next class start time.

  • Advance online payments are encouraged wherever possible to minimize any need for students to congregate in the reception area. If it is absolutely necessary for a client to pay in person, only debit / credit is accepted at this time.

  • Studio doors will remain monitored during classes or will have appropriate signage reminding students to wait outside (properly physically distanced of course) until directed in by the reception team.

  • The waiting area will be closed. 

  • Changing areas and shower will be closed / unavailable for use.


Cleaning Measures:

  • Appropriate time will be allotted between each class or appointment to ensure any equipment is cleaned thoroughly.  

  • Staff will regularly clean and disinfect all high touch areas such as door handles, light fixtures, bathroom sinks and toilets.

  • We ask that only staff turn on / off classroom lights, AC, music to minimize handling.

  • Cleaning products and protocols shall include disinfectants that have proven effective against viruses, bacteria and other airborne and bloodborne pathogens as per PHAC recommendations.

  • Added time may be required for staff to clean floors between classes, but this will be dependent on the nature of the class.

  • Garbage bins will be lined with appropriate plastic bags and will be emptied regularly.  

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available and will be maintained and replenished by staff regularly. 

  • Pilates reformer hand straps will be swapped out between classes so they can be washed.  Students may also purchase and bring their own. Contact us if you are interested in doing this.


Equipment – Use and Protocols:

  • We have decreased the amount of equipment used in classes. If you wish to bring a yoga mat to class, feel free to do so as ours will not be available. 

  • Instructors will provide guidance on studio cleaning protocols, but we ask each student to please adhere to these measures.  

  • Although studio mats and equipment will be cleaned immediately after a class, students coming in are welcome to give them another cleaning before they begin if they feel more comfortable in doing so.



  • Public health recommends wearing a mask where people are in close contact and can’t socially distance. Good handwashing hygiene and physical distancing should be prioritized.  Masks should be worn to class and can be removed once you begin class and put back on upon leaving.

  • It is critical to note that the wearing of a mask does not in any way reduce the requirement of physical distancing which is the current Provincial mandate for our industry.  The 2m / 6ft distancing requirement is in effect at all times unless you are a group of less than 10 people including the instructor.  If this is the case distancing will be assessed on a class by class basis depending on the needs of the group. ex. spotting by an instructor in class

  • Our poles are 9 feet apart, and our rigging points for aerials are 10-12 feet apart. Our reformer classes will be limited to 4-5 so that we can maintain our distance in the Mind Body studio.



  • Visible signage at entrance doors and throughout the studio to communicate health protocols and other new measures.  Students are asked to read and follow directions accordingly.

  • Signage will include the following:

    • Notice at entrance to remind that for the safety and protection of all, anyone who is sick, symptomatic, or in self-isolation is not to enter the studio.  Signage follows Provincial guidelines and will be updated accordingly as regulations change. 

    • A reminder that masks must be work upon entry

    • Instructions to wait outside until asked to enter

    • Instruction and guidelines on proper cleaning of equipment.

    • Signage required to help direct traffic flow.

Instruction and safety measures during class:

  • Instructors and students will be required to maintain the 2m / 6ft physical distancing. Unless you are a group of less than 10 people including the instructor.  In this case, distancing will be assessed on a class by class basis depending on the needs of the group. ex. spotting by an instructor in class.

  • Instructors will not be able to assist with hands on adjustments.   We will need to rely on verbal clues.  (It will be a testament to our listening skills!).  

  • Crash mats will be mandatory for aerial and any pole class with inversions regardless of the skill level of the student.  

Common courtesy measures:

  • Please adhere to physical distancing guidelines and remain 2m or 6 feet apart.

  • Please follow guidelines for frequent hand washing and good hygiene as per recommendations found here:

  • Please listen to instruction from inesS® Studio team about cleaning protocols and other safety guidelines.

  • Please take note of signage relating to safety precautions.

  • When coughing or sneezing:  cough or sneeze into a tissue or the bend of your arm, not your hand.

  • Please wear your mask to the studio. You may choose to wear it during class or not.

  • Please ensure you have socks or dance slippers for walking through the studio.


Aerial Programs:

  • All students must wear both a mask and socks to enter the studio until they reach their designated space. You do not need to wear a mask for most classes.  

  • Everyone must complete a COVID questionnaire prior to entering the studio.

  • Mats will be wiped down after each use with a bleach solution before students exit their class.

  • Every aerial student must use a crash mat no matter your level.

  • Silks:

    • Our silks will only be used by you and then not used again for at least 3 days. COVID can live on fabric surfaces for up to 3 days so we will be putting the silks away until the 3 day period is complete. 

    • The silks will be hung up for safe storage as recommended for safety.

    • We will not be sharing silks throughout the day unless you are in an advanced class. If this is the case you will share the silk with the same person each week.

  • Hoops:

    • our studio hoops and straps will be disinfected between uses.  The straps will sit for three days between uses.

    • Students are responsible for disinfecting their hoops after class.

Youth and Teen Programs

  • We ask that parents of children with underlying respiratory disorders or who are immunocompromised consult their doctor before attending to ensure their health and safety. As well as those living with someone at a higher risk of COVID-19

  • Students and parents will be asked to complete a COVID symptom questionnaire before arriving to class each day so we have a way to contact-trace if we have an outbreak. And must inform the studio if changes occur in their health 

  • All students are required to wipe their mats with a cleaning solution at the end of class. 

  • Students and their parents will enter/exit the studio wearing masks, bring the child inside to their designated space and exit out the emergency exit.

  • Staff will ensure that adequate hand washing is occurring throughout the class

  • Groups are only 7 students so we have the space to maintain physical distancing throughout the class.

  • If students are unable to follow the safety protocol laid out by our team then parents will be called to get them from class. (there are no refunds but we can transfer credit to another program for the parent or another sibling or friend)

Pole Programs:

  • Pole studio is spaced out in a grid formation to ensure physical distancing measures are being taken

  • Each student will have a designated space in their grid to keep their personal items

  • Every student in level 3+ will use a crash mat which will be placed in your grid space as well

  • Students must complete their COVID questionnaire before entering the studio

  • Students must wear both masks and socks as far as their pole and then they may take them off. 

  • A 70% alcohol solution will be used by each student to wipe their pole and a 1:9 bleach solution will also be used to wipe mats as well as to spray the floor of your space on the way out of the studio.

  • Instructors and students will be required to maintain the 2m / 6ft physical distancing. If you are a group of less than 10 people including the instructor.  In this case, distancing will be assessed on a class by class basis depending on the needs of the group. ex. spotting by an instructor in class.


Student Checklist:

  • Before heading to the studio:

    • How are you feeling?  Are you good to go to class?

      • If a student is feeling unwell, is exhibiting any COVID symptoms, has tested positive for COVID, or has travelled in the past 14 days, they are not to attend a class or enter the studio for any reason. 

    • Are you dressed and ready for class?

      • Students need to come ready for class.  We ask that you do not bring extra gear other than what you may require for your class. 

      • Pack any of your own personal equipment (IE:  mat, yoga block, reformer strap).

      • inesS® Studio will have a limited number of masks available for sale; however, due to current demands, we cannot guarantee availability at all times.  At the moment only some classes will require a mask. We will let you know which ones those are, and this may change as health regulations are updated.

      • Please bring along a clean pair of socks or dance slippers to wear if you are heading to the studio in sandals.

    • Have you pre-paid or purchased a package?

      • Please do so in advance wherever possible.  If it is absolutely essential to pay at the studio, only debit or credit will be accepted.


  • Arrival and Check in:

    • Students must wait outside of the main studio doors.  Please maintain physical distancing while in the public areas of the Vertu Building. 

    • Wait here until you are asked to enter and have your COVID questionnaire completed. 

    • There will be markers outside the studio to indicate where to line up before class.  

    • Students must enter one at a time and allow the reception staff to sign you in to the appropriate class.

    • Hand sanitizer will be available for use upon entry. 

    • Please remove your shoes.  If you are in sandals you will need to put on a pair of socks or dance slippers.  

    • Go directly to the room where your class is being held taking your shoes and all personal belongings with you.  

    • The instructor will direct you to your place where there will be a mat for you to place your belongings.


  • Cleaning equipment & departure:

    • At the end of class, the instructor will provide some guidelines on proper cleaning of studio equipment.  

    • All students will use the Fire Exit in the pole studio. 


  • Between classes:

    • Just because you can’t hang out after class and chat with your INESS family, doesn’t mean you can’t keep the conversation going.   Visit us on Facebook and Instagram.   Post your pics and share your thoughts


Thank you to all of our students and instructors while we work through the transition to a new way of doing business, staying fit and having fun!


*Disclaimer: The guidelines and recommendations in this document are not legal or medical

advice. Given the extremely fluid environment of COVID-19, all guidelines and recommendations are subject to change.

Our Air Flow in the Studio

Here at inesS, we have an amazing HVAC systems that constantly brings fresh air into the building and releases it back out, with great filters. We have 4 different units powerful units to keep our air fresh.


How do I get my package activated again? 

Our team will be slowly switching credit over to PoleBuddy from Mindbody and these will be done as discounts for classes. If it needs to be done right away, send us an email and we will do our best to switch it as soon as possible.

Packages will be extended to June 22nd which is when we plan to have all classes on PoleBuddy and then everything will get switched over.


What can I use my credit for?

You can use your credit for anything, we will simply find out the dollar amount and credit it to your account.

What if I am not ready to come back yet? 

We'll keep your credit for whenever you feel comfortable returning to the studio. No need to rush back before you're ready to!

Will aerial classes be held in the atrium?

At this time we are not going to be offering atrium classes as they require shared silks/ropes. Although, if you'd like to do a private session or duet with an instructor in the atrium, we can arrange this!

If you have any further questions about our reopening that we have not answered on this page, feel free to email us at or call us at 902-405-5500 and we would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have!