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Pilates Essentials Mat
Instructor Certification

This course involves an introduction to the history and principles of Pilates. Taught in our downtown Halifax studio, it consists of learning, practicing, and teaching Matwork Foundations. Students should have a good understanding of the pilates repertoire before taking the course. Students will learn to design and teach a pilates matwork class (or private) based on a postural assesment. These Pilates matwork fundamentals have been proven to reduce injury, create better alignment and  increase overall balance to the body by building core stabilization.

You will learn:

Proper Breathing

Pilates Mat Class Design Principles

Postural Assesment

Foundation and Intermediate exercises

Small equipment modifications and exercises to enhance your program

Cueing Techniques

Class order and programming for a group setting.

Modifications for specific populations

History and background of Joe and Clara Pilates

How to design and teach a safe and effective Pilates Mat Class using visual, verbal, and hand on techniques

36 hour pilates Mat Certification

Starts May 31st - June 4th 2020

Please email the director Christy Sanford with a summary of your pilates and fitness experience to be accepted into this certification.

The cost is 1250$+Tax

500$ Booking Fee deposit

Written and Practical Exam 150$+tax

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