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"Teams that play together,

stay together!"

At inesS in downtown Halifax we offer a great opportunity to invest in your team members. Our team building program is guaranteed to have your corporate or other group laughing, communicating, and bonding on a whole new level. You can schedule as little as a couple of hours at our gym, or a full day combined with lunch and a meeting at a partnering meeting and banquet facility. The key to a successful company is its employees. Team building and wellness activities are designed to reduce stress, improve employee engagement and morale, and add a fun element to staff retreats.

Team Circus School

The old saying "life imitates art" rings true when it comes to comparing the workplace to circus arts. Parallels can be drawn between our team building activities and everyday interactions and challenges in the workplace. Our circus school program in Halifax is fully inclusive and designed for all ages and physical abilities. Everyone works together to achieve goals and overcome fears.

We'll guide and encourage your team through:

  • Acrobatic Balancing (Human Pyramids)

The entire team must capitalize on each other's strengths, and trust each other to build and support.

  • Juggling

A great metaphor for an average work day. While it may seem impossible to keep more than one objective moving at a time, it is actually quite attainable with a bit of practice!

  • Aerial Arts

Learn to fly and spin in the air! Your team will move outside their comfort zone, overcome fears, and experience an amazing sense of accomplishment! What a great way to build mutual support and encouragement within your team!

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