Hey inesS® Circus family!


We have so many fun things coming up this fall, like Nocturne and the Student Showcase, and we also want to address your questions and concerns regarding the upcoming changes to the province’s COVID-19 Policies. Please review the information below and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Proof of Full Vaccination - October 4, 2021


Starting Oct. 4th, 2021 the province of Nova Scotia is mandating that all people who are 12 and older will need to provide proof of full vaccination status to participate in most events and activities that bring groups of people together. InesS Studio falls under this mandate so it will apply to all of our students. 


We have created a Google Form to submit your full vaccination status; once proof of vaccination is received it will be attached to your MindBody account


Exemptions for children turning 12: 

“Children who turned 12 between Jan. 1 and Oct. 4 this year will have until Dec. 31 to attend events and activities while they get vaccinated; children who turn 12 after Oct. 4 will have three months from their birthday.”


Other Policies:

For the foreseeable future, we will be keeping our current COVID-19 policies in place, even if the province decides to enter Phase 5 on October 5th. This means masks will still be required to be worn when entering or exiting the studio, and only removed once you are in your socially distanced space in class. Hands and equipment must be sanitized before and after class. 

For our full guidelines, check out our website: COVID-19 Pandemic Safety Precautions | Iness Halifax


inesS® Circus is proud to be participating in Nocturne: an independent, free, contemporary art festival in K’jipuktuk/Halifax (Nocturne Halifax: Homepage) again this year. 


Nocturne will take place from Wednesday October 13th to Saturday October 16th. We will have a virtual show on the Nocturne website from Wednesday October 13th to Friday October 15th as well as performing in person on Saturday from 4:00-9:00pm, with performances happening every half hour, alternating between the Atrium and the Studio spaces. 

If you’re interested in volunteering, please respond to this form to let us know!


Hallows Claus - student showcase

On November 13th, 2021 we will finally be hosting another Student Showcase! The theme for this event will be “A Creepy Christmas”, a combination of Christmas and Halloween. 


There will be both group and individual performances. 

If you would like to apply to perform in the showcase, fill out this form!


Important Dates - Holidays

We will be closed for these dates!

  • October 11th - Thanksgiving

  • November 11th - Remembrance Day

  • December 25th - Christmas Day

  • December 26th - Boxing Day

  • January 1st - New Years Day

  • Our holiday schedule will be from December 22nd to January 4th. All regular classes will pose during that time and we will host workshops for students to sign up for if they want some holiday fitness fun!


New Beginner Pole and Aerial Classes



Aerial Silks Level 1

Tuesday @ 815pm Starts Oct. 12th

Sundays @ 5pm Starts Nov. 7th

Aerial Sling  Level 1 

Thursdays @ 1215pm starts Sept. 30th

Aerial Hoop Level 1

Sundays @ 615pm Starts Sept 26th

Pole Fitness Level 1

Fridays @ 530pm Starts Oct. 1st 

Wednesdays @ 530pm Starts Oct. 6th

Sundays, @ 115pm Start Oct. 10th


inesS® Circus TEAM VALUES

1. We welcome ALL bodies.

2. We LIFT each other up.

3. We embrace DIVERSITY.

4. We live and breathe POSITIVITY.

5. We believe in the importance of PLAY.

6. We move FREELY to the music.




Here at inesS we offer various grip products for both pole and aerial sports. 



Should I get gloves? Tack vs Non-tack.


Everyone’s skin is different and sometimes, grips just don’t do the trick. But not to worry, you can wear gloves when poling as well!


So should you use tack or non-tack gloves?


The two types of gloves are used for entirely different purposes. You can certainly do more with the non-tack as you can spin and transition easier from one maneuver to another.



You can spin with the non-tack gloves but it will take some practice to get used to how much pressure you have to apply to give you grip but that will still allow you to spin. 


The use of a little Mighty Grip powder or any grip aid will keep the gloves in place on your hands so they do not slide against the skin of the hands. This is where most gripping problems arise when using gloves. 



The tack gloves are great for practicing a particular maneuver and/or inversions where you do not want to worry about hand slippage while practicing the correct leg placement. You can also use the tack on a spinning pole which will help with centrifugal forces while you build upper body strength.


You cannot spin on a stationary pole with the tack gloves



Can I try a product before I buy it?

Yes of course. There are often tester products held either in class or at the desk for students to try before they buy! 


*Often using products together can also increase your grip!*


Next Level Sign ups!

You’ve made it through level 1 and are excited to start your journey into level 2! Here’s how that will look for your program:


Pole:     Levels 2-5/5+ require attendance 2 times per week. Your current class and then you 

will have to pick a second that works with your schedule. 


Make sure to register and pay early so that you do not lose your spot in the class!


If you are unable to commit to twice a week, look into our private options and maybe we can find out something that works for you!


Aerial:     Levels 2-4  run in the aerial studio once a week.


Youth and Teen Next Levels will begin in February! Talk to your coach about the best choice!


The class will continue at the same day and time as level 1 as long as we have   enough interest to run the class.


 Levels 5 and 6 are usually 1.5 hour classes and run in the atrium!




As long as the bus runs, we’re open. 


If students feel unsafe to come to class, they are responsible for letting the desk know. If they let us know, they are entitled to a makeup class without any time restrictions (.ie. they can give notice at any point of the day up until the start time of the class). Not informing us or informing us AFTER the class, doesn’t get the student a makeup.


If classes are cancelled, students will be early cancelled from their class and they can make up their class in an alternate time slot before their package expires.




Students should arrive to class prepared and on time. 


Instructors can tell a student they can’t do class if they’re over 10 minutes late, depending on circumstances.  Arriving late means you miss warmup and are at a higher risk of injury.  


HOWEVER, if you’re stuck in traffic or can’t find parking and it looks like you’ll be more than 10 minutes late, please don’t hesitate to call us and we can inform your instructor.  That way, you can do your class.




Do you want a bit more help on one of your skills? Or are you looking for a plan to reach

your goals? Book a personal training session with any of our instructors to get more one

on one training.   


Private  $65 +tax                            Duet $85 +tax                        Trio $90 +tax 




Aerial and Pole Classes, as well as personal training, require a 12-hour cancellation notice in order to receive a make-up class to be used before your package expires.  


Mindbody classes require an 8 hour cancellation notice in order to receive a make-up session.


Late cancellations will result in loss of the session.  


Make-up sessions must be scheduled in any equal or lower level class, online class, or mindbody class BEFORE your package expires.  You are more than welcome to use a makeup class to try out any mindbody (flexibility, buti yoga, reformer, etc) or online class!




All sales are final. No refunds. No extensions. All classes must be attended before package expiry date. Packages are not transferable.




Studio time is available to our students in levels 2 and higher. Each student must sign a liability waiver prior to their first studio time session. This waiver will give a detailed description of COVID cleaning procedures as well as safety practices and precautions. 


During studio time, you can only practice what you’ve learned in class.  No teaching yourself a new trick or practicing the trick you may have taught yourself at home.


Crash mats MUST be used in studio time for ALL INVERSION regardless of how well you know the  trick.




We have created a close knit community here at inesS and we would love to have you all be a part of it! Please follow our accounts on Instagram and Facebook for studio updates.


Facebook: @inesScircus

Instagram: @inesscircus, @inessmindbody


We also have pole and aerial specific Facebook groups which you can request to join for more info and to ask any questions you might have!


InesS Pole Club

InesS Aerial Club




Front Desk staff are available to answer your questions via telephone at 902-405-5500 and via email at info@iness.ca


Desk hours vary but someone can always be reached after 3pm.