On-Going Employee Wellness

Employees that are healthy and active are better able to cope with stress and maintain a higher

level of productivity. Private sessions for your group can be arranged on an on-going basis. inesS offers expert instruction in a variety of Mind Body classes including:

  • Pilates 

Foundation classes offer ergonomic training to improve alignment and decrease

injury. Pilates Workout classes can take place at our studio utilizing our equipment,

or in your workplace with mats and small equipment.

  • Spinal Motions

Learn how to move your spine with ease to gain strength and flexibility.

  • HIIT

High intensity interval training for those who are looking for cardio workouts.

  • Release and REalign

Release built up tension in your body to facilitate physical and mental freedom.

  • Circus Arts

Stretching and warm-up followed by instruction on the equipment. Don’t let the fun fool you! 

Circus arts provide an excellent full body workout!

  • Aerial Yoga

Lengthen and strengthen your entire body. Focus on flexibility, core conditioning, arm strength & body awareness. Flow through the silks and hammock and open your body and mind.

Using elements of traditional yoga, you are sure to work your whole body and center yourself in this class. Yogis of all levels and experience welcome!

Contact us for bookings at fit@iness.ca