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4 classes for ONLY $39+tax

With a focus on wellbeing and positivity, inesS® mind body classes are the best in Halifax for a full-body restore.

Are you BRAND NEW? We suggest starting with reFORM for beginners class. The studios trainers, positively glow with enthusiasm, and will guide you through a workout that’s tough but undeniably enjoyable. Small group classes, and personal training such as Pilates, Reformer, Aerial Yoga and TRX.

Choose your package based on how many times a week you want to take classes! 

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MindBody Package Prices

Drop-in: $20 +tax

*New Member Special

4 classes over two weeks for $39 + tax.


10 Class Pass: $160 +tax (two year expiry)

20 Class Pass: $280 +tax (two year expiry)

50 Class Pass: $650 +tax (two year expiry)


Monthly Package Options:

(number of classes will be averaged for the entire month so you can do more one week and less than next) 


Vitality Package: 2 classes/week

4 month contract: $100 +tax/month


There is an 8 hour cancellation window for all MindBody classes. No extensions. No refunds. Any classes that are cancelled due to inclement weather will be early cancelled. 

To register Call: 902-405-5500

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"I have been coming to the studio for the past 7 months, twice a week. It's the first time in my life I have seen muscle tone in my abs and arms. Classes are awesome!"


902-405-5500     1535 Dresden Row, Suite 203  *2nd floor above Petes


reFORM for Beginners

Have ever done Pilates Reformer before? This is the class for you!


Strengthen your core, making it long and lean! The reformer is easy to use and adds a whole new level of strength training to Pilates by working your body against spring resistance. The springs also provide support for difficult exercises, allowing you to work your muscles more deeply and correctly. Best of all, the reformer is very versatile, and the variations are endless - you will never get bored!

**Currently not available**

reFORM your body - all levels


A multi-level reformer class. All levels welcome. Use the Pilates machine to improve your strength , flexibility, posture, and range of motion!

The reformer is easy to use and adds a whole new level of strength training to pilates by working your body against spring resistance. The springs also provide support for difficult exercises, allowing you to work your muscles more deeply and correctly. Best of all, the reformer is very versatile, and the variations are endless.

Many different times. check schedule below


Pilates Mat & Core

This Pilates Mat class utilizes your own body weight to challenge the muscles using the Pilates method which was originally developed to help dancers. In these classes you'll learn how to find your alignment and progress through exercises that activate your core and challenge your entire body.

Core strength is beneficial for everyone, however this lass is a great way to supplement other athletic activities such as dance, pole, aerial arts, acrobatics, and more!

Tuesday 12pm & Thursday 11am



Flexibility Flow


Do you want to be more flexible?


Whether you're trying to touch your toes, open up your back or doing the splits, this is the class for you! Leave class feeling loose and relaxed. 

This class will use various techniques to enhance your flexibility, making it the perfect compliment to any pole or non-pole workout. All levels are welcome to join!

Join us virtually for flexibility flow Thursdays at 6:20pm!

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Lotus Blossom

Gyrokinesis seated and standing sequences set to a musical score created by Gyrokinesis creator, Juliu Horvath in collaboration with musician, Rodolfo Troncoso. The rhythm and tone of each song in these sequences is designed to resonate with the specific timing, and intention of the movement the song accompanies. The fluid movements you experience in the workout address every single part of your body, stimulate your nervous system, increase your flexibility and strength, and clear the energetic pathways coursing throughout your body.

**Currently not available**

Aerial Yoga


Discover the excitement and pure joy of moing freely in all directions of open. pace No yoga or aerial experience needed - this class is perfect for the complete beginner.  Wear workout wear that covers the shoulders and legs. Cot ton or cotton blend fabric is best.  Gain strength and flexibility with this colorful class.

**Currently not available**



For total beginners who are nervous about kicking up to a wall, to pros who can hold their free-standing handstands, this class will get you to the next level of handbalancing - whatever the next level is for you! 

Join us virtually for Beginner Handstands Tuesdays at 7pm



Pole Power

Pole Power and Strength - Build your body for Iron X and deadlifts.  This class will be in the mind body studio using the stall bars and three poles to work on conditioning and technique needed to do Iron X and other deadlifts on the pole. For advanced pole students only.

**Currently not available**

TRX Suspension Training 


TRX is suspension training that builds body strength, flexibility and core. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise - because you can simply adjust your body position to increase or decrease resistance. Come out and give it a try - today!

**Currently not available**


Barre reFORM -barre and reformer


Take one part ballet barre with 2 parts Pilates Reformer and you got yourself a new enemy of the state. The butt, hips and thighs undesirable state that is! Nothing targets that part of the body better while still giving attention to the mother ship of all muscles the abdominals. It’s Pilates after all!

**Currently not available*

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Studio Policies

*All sales are final. No refunds. No extensions. All classes must be attended before package expiry date. Packages are not transferable.

* Aerial and Pole Classes as well as personal training require a 24-hour cancellation notice in order to receive a make up class to be used before your package expires. Late cancellations will result in loss of the session.

* Mind Body Classes require an 8 hour cancellation notice in order to receive a make up class.

* INCLEMENT WEATHER: In the case of class cancellation due to inclement weather all mind body students will be early cancelled from class.


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1535 Dresden Row, Suite 203  

*2nd floor above Petes Fine Foods