Pole 2

Tuesdays @ 130pm

Fridays @ 230pm

**Starting January 28th**

Thursdays @ 530pm

Sundays @ 6pm

Pole 3

Mondays @ 530pm

Thursdays @ 645pm

Pole 4 

Mondays @ 645pm

Thursdays @ 645pm

Saturdays @ 115pm


Pole Level 5

Tuesdays @ 830pm

Thu @ 830pm

Sundays 445pm

Wednesdays 715pm


Pole Level 5+

Mondays @ 8pm

Wednesdays @ 830pm

Pole 5+/6

Fridays at 645pm


Pole Level 6 Prep

Mondays @ 645pm

Thursdays @8pm

Pole Level 6

Wednesdays @ 530pm


Pole Level 7

Sun @ 7:15-8:45

Tue @ 6:45-8:15


Aerial Fitness Schedule

Aerial Hoop Level 2/3

Mondays @ 830pm

Aerial Hoop Level 4+

Mondays 645pm-815pm

Thursdays 530pm-645pm

Aerial Silks Level 2 (*Starting Feb 15th)

Mondays @ 530pm

Intermediate Aerial Silks (3+)

Fridays @ 115pm

Aerial Silks Level 4

Tuesdays at 645pm


Wednesdays @ 5:45-7:15

Wednesdays @ 7:30-9

Package Prices

Aerial Class  (8 classes/8 weeks)                        $139+tax  

Intro to Rope (4 classes/4 weeks)                        $70+tax

Pole Fitness Level 1  (8 classes/8 weeks)          $129+tax

Pole Fitness Level 2-5+ (16 classes/8 weeks)   $238+tax

1.5 Hour Class Drop-in                                           $28+tax 

1.5 Hour Class Pole (4 classes/4 weeks)              $85+tax

1.5 Hour Class Pole (8 classes/8 weeks)            $160+tax 

1.5 Hour Class Aerial (4 classes/4 weeks)            $95+tax

1.5 Hour Class  (8 classes/8 weeks)                     $180+tax

1.5 Hour Class  (16 classes/8 weeks)                   $335+tax

Want to join on the second class? No problem! Give us call at 902-405-5500 or send us an email at info@iness.ca

Studio Policies

*All sales are final. No refunds. No extensions. All classes must be attended before package expiry date. Packages are not transferable.

* Aerial and Pole Classes as well as personal training require a 24-hour cancellation notice in order to receive a make up class to be used before your package expires. Late cancellations will result in loss of the session.

* Mind Body Classes require an 8 hour cancellation notice in order to receive a make up class.

* INCLEMENT WEATHER: In the case of inclement weather, you will be notified as soon as possible. We also post studio closings on our Facebook page. If the studio is holding classes and you need to cancel your reservation, please do so as soon as possible before the class. Our normal 24 hour cancellation policy is suspended in these cases, up to 2 hours before the class. Any classes due to studio closures can be made up within your package time span in an alternate class of an appropriate level. 



902-405-5500          info@iness.ca     1535 Dresden Row, Suite 203  *2nd floor above Petes Fine Foods