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Aerial Circus & Pole Sport
Beginner 8 week programs

 Steps to Register!

1. Create an Account 

2. Register for the FIRST class  

3. Purchase the 8 week program

Beginner Aerial Silks

Thursdays @ 630pm Starts May 23rd

Beginner Pole Fitness

Mondays  @530pm  Starts May 27th  7 weeks

Thursday  @630pm  Starts May 30th

Beginner Pole & Heels

Tuesdays @ 815pm Starts May 28th

Handstands - Beginners

Sundays @ 115pm Starts May 26th

Beginner Trapeze

Wednesday's @ 545pm Starts June 5th

Tuesdays @ 815pm Starts Jan. 17th

Tuesdays @ 815pm Starts Dec. 20th

"I took a silks class on a whim and 6 months later I'm still loving it!"

Circus training is so much fun! Classes at inesS® will help improve your fitness, mental acuity and build you a community of friends at the same time. Our level 1 classes are perfect for beginners, with no experience.


You’ll get personal attention from our expert instructors and a solid foundation with a high standard of safety.  Register for these classes on the first or second class of the session. Each program meets once or twice a week over an 8 week time frame.


Pre-register online,  call 902-405-5500, or

"What a great community of fun folk. I always feel super welcome at the studio and call it a second home!"


Aerial Silks

Show #3 - Studio inesS - ©

Aerial Silks classes combine the art of circus performance with the beauty of dance for an empowering and strength-building workout like you've never experienced!

Level one is suitable for total beginners working towards the strength to pull themselves into the air. Levels 2 through 5 will develop your skills as you learn harder skills.

Book Beginner Class Here


Aerial Hoop (Also known as Cerceau or Lyra)

Anchor Hoop
Show #3 - Studio inesS - ©

Learn how to activate your core and build the strength you need to get up and into an aerial hoop! This course teaches you a mix of spins and poses that will build full body strength, flexibility and coordination. 

Level one is suitable for total beginners. Levels 2 through 4 work increase with difficulty and challenge to match your new skills. 

Book Beginner Class Here

Anchor intro to rope


Anchor 1

Join our  Trapeze as a super fun way to challenge your fitness. Join our community  and we'll support you into finding a stronger, more flexible you!

Level one is suitable for total beginners. Level 2 through 5 works on further developing skills and harder tricks

Book Beginner Class Here

"My group has been together since level 1 and now we're in intermediate! I've never felt so comfortable coming to a fitness studio/class!"


Pole Sport

Anchor Pole
Show #1 - Studio inesS - ©
Show #1 - Studio inesS - ©

Pole Sport with inesS® - learn the art of gymnastics on a vertical bar. Spin and twirl your way into a stronger and more flexible version of yourself.


Pole level 1 is for total beginners! As you move through the program you will develop the strength needed to execute the moves.


If you have an acrobatic or aerial background, we suggestion book a personal training session to learn the basics more quickly and move into a higher level class.


Level 1 -  is fun and flirty, you'll build a repertoire of spins from the floor.

Book Beginner Class Here

Level 2 - will bootcamp your body, as you learn to climb to the top.

Level 3 - will have you upside down and loving it.

Level 4 - we introduce you to spin pole.  

Level 5 - you will learn things you never imagined - aerial inverts, shoulder mounts, brass monkeys and kamikaze spins.

Level 6 - you will get your twisted grip flag, kickup's and mind-blowing combos. 

Level 7 - will have you ready for the next pole championship!

Book Advanced Class Here

"I can't express in words how much I love the studio, the people are like extended family. I wanted to try something new but different; something out of the ordinary. Found it!"


Anchor Kids

Youth Circus

Promo Photos Nov 2018-66.jpg

Our small and supportive Youth and Teen classes teach movement in a way that's positive and fun! They will try a mixture of aerial apparatus, including: aerial silks, aerial hammock, aerial hoop, and trapeze. 

Sign up for these  classes here! 

Anchor Teens

Studio Policies

*All sales are final. No refunds. No extensions. All classes must be attended before package expiry date. Packages are not transferable.

* All Youth PD days require 48 hours notice in order to move credit to another date.

* Registration for Full Week Camps can only be transferred to another camp if done with 8 weeks notice.

* Aerial and Pole Classes as well as personal training require a 24-hour cancellation notice in order to receive a make up class to be used before your package expires. Late cancellations will result in loss of the session.

* Mind Body Classes require an 12 hour cancellation notice in order to receive a make up class.

* INCLEMENT WEATHER  : In the case of class cancellation due to inclement weather students will be early cancelled from their class and they can make up there class in an alternate time slot before there package expires.

*FORCED CLOSURES : any forced closures due to COVID or other safety concerns out of our control, classes can be made up before your package expiry unless the government is supporting us with funding as it has so far


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