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Junior Aerial Team FAQ


Q: What is the Junior Aerial Team?

A: The junior aerial team is a more advanced, performance based class for kids who have been taking our classes for a term or more and are ready for more of a challenge.


Q: What is the difference between regular classes and the Junior Aerial Team?

A: Junior Aerial Team classes are all 1.5 hr classes that combine strength training, mobility work, creative exercises, physical theatre along with the aerial training to work towards performing in a more professional capacity. Opportunities are given to students to be able to participate in various public shows throughout the year!


Q: How old do I have to be to participate in the Junior Aerial Team?

A: This is a youth troupe for students. Students must have a respectful level of maturity and a good work ethic.


Q: How many hours a week do I have to commit to the Junior Aerial Team?

A: Junior Aerial Team classes are 1.5hrs long. This term we will have 3 class options for students. Some students come once a week, but we suggest twice a week to be able to successfully gain the strength, mobility and creativity to shine as a circus artist!


Q: I really love the day/ time of my current circus class. Could I do one of the Junior Aerial Classes in addition to my regular teen or jaguars class?



Q: What are the prerequisites for being able to join?

A: Students must have a minimum of 1-2 years of circus training. Students must also be able to climb the silk, mount all apparatus with easy and agility, as well as possess an intermediate level of strength and flexibility. Bonus points for a desire to be in front of an audience :)


Q: How can I apply!?

A: Please send and email with the subject “Junior Aerial Team Application” with your child’s name, age, number of years doing circus, along with any other relevant activities ( background in dance, theatre, gymnastics etc).

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