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Ticket Prices

20$+tax adults

10$+tax youth 7+

Free for young ones (ages 6 and under) that don’t need a seat (can sit on a parent's lap or on the floor).

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Show B

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Show C

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inesS Circus Presents

Hollywood Heights

Join us for our dazzling Youth Showcase and experience the magic of Hollywood Heights on May 25th, 2024!


Movies, glamour, and drama!


We’ve had a fabulous year of spinning & flying with the youth circus artists, and now it’s time to cheer them on!


We will have three shows on May 25th, please see the schedule below to find the appropriate ticket option.



Show Schedule

All shows will take place on May 25th, 2024. Below is the schedule. If you are unsure about which show your youth is in, please email

Show A (In-studio)


Mondays 515pm

Monday 415pm

Tuesday 415pm Silks 1-2

Saturday monkeys

Sunday 10am silks 1-2

Sunday 11am level 3

Sunday 12pm level 2-3

Monday hoop 4pm

Show B (Atrium classes)


All Atrium classes

Show C (In-studio)


Tuesday silks/sling 415pm level 2-3

Thursday 515pm with Maddie

Saturday 11am level 2-3

Saturday 11am level 3

Saturday 12pm teen 2-3

Saturday 12pm teen 4-5 ages 12-17

Saturday 1pm level 4-5 ages 7-15

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