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Christy Sanford *aka SpiraLynn

Christy Sanford (also known by her stage name SpiraLynn) is the owner and director of Studio in Essence. She has over 20 years of experience working as a fitness professional, and she is passionate about helping her students achieve their fitness goals! 


Christy knows that it can be difficult to move your body. A series of sports injuries and car crashes in the 1990s left her with debilitating back pain and muscle weakness. To combat the pain and weakness caused by her injuries, she turned to Pilates to strengthen her core. Pretty soon, she started to feel stronger, and she started to move in ways she hadn’t thought possible.


Inspired by her own transformation, she decided that she wanted to help others. Over the years, Christy has become a Stott Pilates Certified Instructor, a licenced GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Trainer, and a Canfitpro Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. She worked as a personal trainer for Nubody’s Fitness Centres in Halifax and was directing their Pilates program up until she opened Studio in Essence in 2004. 


Initially, Christy focused on Pilates at Studio in Essence. But soon, she found something that combined her love of fitness and her innate creativity—in fact, she found it dangling in mid-air! Christy began teaching pole fitness and aerial arts and winning medals at the Atlantic Pole Fitness Championships and at the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships! 


In order to share her passion for fitness and creative movement with as many people as possible, Christy developed instructor training programs for Pilates, pole fitness, and aerial hoop. And she became a licenced GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer. 


Nowadays, Christy splits her time between personal training and instructor training. She works with people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels. As a personal trainer, she helps her students gain balance, flexibility, agility, strength, and confidence. As an instructor trainer, she helps some of her more experienced students become experienced instructors. 


To schedule a personal training session or join an instructor training class, or to book her to perform at your next EVENT contact Christy at

Education and Experience

*Opened Shape Dat Body Aerobics - 1990

*Master Trainer at Nobody's Fitness teaching Pilates and Personal Training from 1995-2005

*Bachelor of Fine Arts - NSCAD

*Master Trainer/ director/ performer at inesS Circus. Specializing in Pilates, Gyrotonic, Pole, and Aerial Fitness


*Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Certificate with Can Fit Pro

*Personal Trainer with Can Fit Pro

*Certified GYROKINESIS® aND GYROTONIC® Level 1 and 2 Trainer

*Pre-Trainer for GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC®

*GYROTONIC Archway Certification

*GYROTONIC Applications for Shoulder Girdle, Pelvis, and Scoliosis 

*Advanced Stretching Technique Certification (Bendy Kate)

*Floor Flow - Marlo Fisken

*Aerial Silks  level 1-3 Certified - Born to Fly™

Aerial Sling  level 1-3 Certified - Born to Fly™

Trapeze level 1-2 Paper Doll Militia

Aerial Rope Level 1 - Paper Doll Militia 

*CPR and First Aid

Certified Stott Pilates Mat and Reformer instructor 

Pilates Chair certification with Balanced Body

TRX instructor certification 

200 Hour YTT - vinyasa yoga

BUTI yoga certified instructor

*Rigging Certificate and Fall Arrest - Hercules

*rigging inspection certificate- Hercules

*Aerial Rigging Safety certified - Delbert Hall

*Circus Anatomy - circus doc

Anatomy in Clay


Professional Development Workshops over the years in person with Lisette Croll, Jennine Butterfly, Bendy Kate, Vane Lunatica, Terri fierce, Yuri Marmerstein, Erin Ball, and many more 

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