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Youth Aerial Circus Program

Youth Aerial Circus Program
16 week program
starting September 9th, 2023
Registration Live NOW


16 week program $320+tax  60 min. class

16 week program $400+tax 75 min. class

Lemurs - 3.5-4 years old 

Sunday  Sept 10th   @ 10am

Monkeys - 5-6 years old 

Saturday   Sept 9th   @ 1045am

Level 1-2 Aerial Silks & Sling (7-12 yr) 

Sundays   Sept 10th    @ 12pm

Saturdays Sept 9th   @ 11am

Saturdays Sept 9th   @1pm

Tuesdays Sept 12th  @530pm

Level 2-3 Aerial Silks & Sling (7-12 yr) 

Sundays Sept 10th   @ 1045am

Saturdays  Sept 9th  @11am

Tuesdays  Sept 12th @ 415pm

Thursdays Sept 14th @ 530pm

Level 2-3 Aerial Hoop/Trapeze (7-15yr)

Mondays  Sept 11th @ 415pm 

Level 3-4 Aerial Silks (7-15yr)

Saturdays Sept 9th  @1pm

Aerial Sling level 5 in the atrium 

Thursdays Sept 14th @ 415pm - 75 min. class

Aerial Silks in the Atrium Levels 4-5

Saturdays Sept 9th @ 4pm - 75 min. class

Teen Aerial Silks Level 1

Saturdays Sept 9th @ 12pm

Teen Aerial Silks Level 4-5

Saturdays Sept 9th @ 12pm

Teen Aerial Silks Atrium Advanced

Tuesdays Sept 12th @ 615pm - 75 min class

Teen Aerial Silks Atrium Advanced

Wednesdays  Sept 13th @ 615pm

inesS® Circus Junior Troupe

Mondays Sept 11th @ 415pm - 75 min. class

Youth Aerial Circus Program

To register Call: 902-405-5500

or send us an Email:

1535 Dresden Row Suite 203 Halifax NS

This program specializes in learning Aerial Circus Arts as well as some ground acrobatics including Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, Aerial Sling and more.  Under the close supervision of our experienced instructors, they will develop towards harder and harder moves. 

Not only will they find greater confidence, coordination, and strength, but they'll have a crazy amount of fun doing it!


Studio Policies

*All sales are final. No refunds. No extensions. All classes must be attended before package expiry date. Packages are not transferable.

* Aerial and Pole Classes as well as personal training require a 24-hour cancellation notice in order to receive a make up class to be used before your package expires. Late cancellations will result in loss of the session.

* Mind Body Classes require an 8 hour cancellation notice in order to receive a make up class.

* INCLEMENT WEATHER  : In the case of class cancellation due to inclement weather students will be early cancelled from their class and they can make up there class in an alternate time slot before there package expires.

*FORCED CLOSURES : any forced closures due to COVID or other safety concerns out of our control, classes can be made up before your package expiry unless the government is supporting us with funding as it has so far

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