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Of this Earth  presented by inesS® Circus


45 minutes. -  Family Friendly.  -   Aerial Circus Theatre

Step right up to the captivating world of inesS® Circus

"Of this Earth" is inspired by the rich diversity of wildlife as it unfolds like a symphony of nature.  With each gravity defying act, our aerialists leave you on the edge of your seat.  Join us on this incredible journey of the interconnectedness between humanity and the ever-changing Earth.


September 8th at 615pm and the 9th at 230pm

at the Neptune's Scotia Bank Stage

15$+tax and fees

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Christy Sanford, Krista Collier-Jarvis, Chris Maclean, Maddie Morris, Kristin Langille, Jet Wolfe, Fia Sanford, Maren Macdonald,  Kaitlyn Blatt-Janmaat, Kerri Heslop

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