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Let's Stay Connected and Get FIT online!

We will send you a link once you are paid and registered.

One hour ZOOM Class

Drop-in fee           $10+tax

10 class pass       $80+tax

2 week unlimited   $50+tax

includes access to our library of on-demand classes

and 4 week Healthy Eating Program

1 week unlimited    $33+tax

includes access to our library of on-demand classes

and 4 week Healthy Eating Program

Drop-in Buti Yoga®  $5+tax

Or credit from your current studio package

NEW Healthy Eating Program

Wednesdays @ 630pm         $60+tax

1.5 Hour Zoom Class

Drop-in fee,             $15+tax

10 class pass for    $100+tax

Or credit from your current studio package

Book online personal training or DUET sessions -

Flexibility Flow

Floor based flexibility training. A flowing class that will mobilize and revitalize your mind body soul. You will learn proper technique and body mechanics to unlock tightness and improve your full body movement.


Buti is a movement methodology that incorporates dynamic yoga asana with primal movement, cardio-dance bursts & deep core conditioning.

Primal® Flow

Awaken your primal nature, and ground deep into the present moment.  Join Christy SAnford

elevates your energy and grounds your body, mind and soul. Primal Flow is a meditation in motion that will build your confidence, connection and strength— on and off the mat.  Primal Flow blends intentional sequencing with creativity while maintaining structural integrity. This format works with anatomical principles to bring dynamic, primal, and intuitive movement to life!

Floor Flow®

Floor Flow is a brand of movement instruction that fuses primal movementand dance based floor work techniques into easy-to-learn sequences that emphasize fluidity, control and joint mobility.

Christy Sanford is a certified Floor Flow® instructor that was taught by Marlo Fisken in NYC

Floor Flow®-Ages 7 and up

All you need is a floor to slide around on. A creative movement class involving spins, slides, and creative dance shapes to music. Join Christy for this 30 minute Class.

Pilates on the Mat - core and flexibility

Strengthen and lengthen body and take an hour to unplug from the rest of the world. Improve the way your body looks, feels, and performs with this all level class. No equipment needed

Splits and Backbends- all levels

Let's get our splits or closer to our splits during lockdown #3. This class will include a great warmup with sequences designed to improve your technique and engagement in your body so that you can unlock those splits and see the progress you want. Christy has been teaching for over 20 years with several certifications in Yoga, pole, aerials, and pilates. Recently she studied under Bendy Kate and has noticed improvements in her flexibility as well as her students as she applies her knowledge from her latest Advanced Flexibility training.

Full Body Flexibility and Strength

This class teaches the fundamentals of active flexibility through isolated exercises that aim to improve posture, cardio, strength and mobility!
If your aim is to increase flexibility to boost your dance, pole and/or aerials performance, active flex is a must! Your range of flexibility increases while building and maintaining stability and strength in your maximum range to keep your joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles safe.    Items needs:  2 yoga blocks, roller, flex band

Conditioning for Pole and Aerials -no pole

Let's get stronger and more balanced in our body during Lockdown #3.  Work on your strength for your inversions, grip strength, and more to a  fun motivating class with your community of friends!  Join our expert instructors for a fun and informative workout.

Pole Level 5 and above

Let's keep working on our skills together and continue to cheat and motivate each other as we share our love and passion for pole with the best humans on earth!

Pole Level 6 and above - Flow and Trix

This class is ideal for students in Pole Level 6 and above. Each class will begin with Floor Flow® and then move to the Pole for some contemporary choreography along with some new trix and skills. We will also work on our conditioning to maintain our twisted grip, aerial inversions, and shoulder mounts strong and learn some new static tricks and spin pole sequences. Let's keep moving together and having fun during lockdown #3 with your best friends. We can be together in person again soon enough in a galaxy not so far away!

Pole Level 7

Advanced Pole Acrobatics is the ultimate workshop in acrobatics and choreography for advanced pole dancing students who have completed level 6.

Comprised of a broad range of unique skill sets and backgrounds, students of different levels work at achieving the more difficult manoeuvres and combinations while maintaining their strength and flexibility through conditioning and drills. 

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