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 Do you want to improve your energy and health by making changes to your eating habits?

Join our new Health Eating 4 week program 

Saturdays at 1030-11am 

Let's use Lockdown#3 as a way to motivate us to make the changes we need to feel better as we nourish our body. You will have access to a support group where we can support each other during this month!

Only 60$+Tax for the Month.

or 2 weeks Free if you have an Unlimited membership!

Christy Sanford practices a Real-Food-First philosophy approach to nutrition. She believe that your current life-style and life-stage should always guide your exercise routine.  She can help you make the informed decisions you need, followed by thoughtful actions with her ongoing support to create and lead the healthy life you desire. Your agenda should be as individual as you are. Christy is excited to work with and support you as your Health Eating and Weight Loss Coach.  


Looking for personal training to reach your goals? Book an appointment:

Prices start at 65$+tax and she can create a fitness program for you to follow as well :)

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