Monday December 27th

415-515pm Open Studio Time level 2+

530-630pm   Bendy Snowflakes -splits and backbends

6-7pm    Beginner Heels - Pole Level 2+

645-815pm   Elbow Circles Workshop - hoop level 4 +

Tuesday December 28th

11am   Reform your Body

1pm    Bendy Snowflakes -splits and backbends

5-630pm  Roller Pole Workshop

530-630pm   Beginner Aerial Sling intro

530-630pm   reFORM your Body -pilates

645-745pm    Holiday Aerial Silks - levels 2+

645-815pm   Candy Cane Tricksters - Advanced Pole

Wednesday December 29th

9-4pm  Candyland Circus Camp for Youth

445-545pm Open Studio Time level 2+

6pm   Poling in Heels

730-9pm Jingle Bell Drops - Aerial Silks level 5-6

Thursday December 30th

9-4pm  Candyland Circus Camp for Youth

945am  Reform your Body

545-645pm Open Studio Time level 2+

6pm   Aerial Holiday Silks level 2-3

7-8pm Holiday Intermediate Pole

Monday January 3rd

945am   reFORM your Body -pilates

245pm  Intro to Pole 

4-5pm Pole Conditioning Class

6-7pm   Bendy Snowflakes -splits and backbends

715-815pm Intro to Aerial Silks